Do you want a life-changing, more intimate relationship with God?  Do you want to experience regular “tastes of heaven” and His PEACE in the midst of painful challenges?

Welcome Fellow Sojourners!  I can’t wait to hear about Spirit revelations and life transformations that unfold for each of you as we put first things first—leaning in to Jesus and discovering more and more about what it means to be Living Full Out with God!

After nearly a year of rest and reflection (Sabbatical)– and in a world that grows increasingly dark– it is with no small urgency that I am committed to sharing what I’ve been learning about living a wild and authentic, richly abundant, awe-inspiring partnership with the Lord here and now! (Eternal things have already begun; why do so many just go through the motions, waiting for heaven?)

This journey, Living Full Out with God will be successful for you to the degree that you are willing to get onboard with the following first steps:

  • Commit to practice looking for God’s presence daily. I promise you He is there and waiting for you to join Him!
  • Let go of the idea that things just “happen” randomly. There are no coincidences; you have a heavenly Father who adores you 🙂
  • Be prepared for opposition/battle. Do not forget that there is also someone in the shadows who will do anything to stop you from growing closer to God.

As I move forward with this new blog focus, my hope is that it will be a place of learning, growing, encouraging, and battling together—While my walk with Abba has inspired me to lead this discussion, my hope is that over time most, if not all of you will also share your aha’s, stories of God showing up/kisses, what’s working in your daily practice, battles you’re facing, and reports about opportunities given to you to love others in your world.

If this all sounds good and you want to join in the adventure, please be sure to subscribe and leave a comment on this page—“I’m in!”  (I can already see His delight at your decision)

Here We Go!!



4 Responses to Home

  1. fiveof9 says:

    Looking forward to the journey with you! 🙂

  2. caratoday says:

    Thank you, Susan! You ARE a light in my world!!–Looking forward also 🙂

  3. Kelly says:

    Sounds like an amazing adventure!

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